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I’m Becca, an award winning professional Pet Portrait and Wildlife Artist based in Preston, Lancashire. My pet portraits are created on a commission basis for clients all over the world. I bring my love for animals and art together by creating the highest quality realistic coloured pencil drawings of animals, capturing the characters and beauty of your pets. 

In my original wildlife portraiture, I like to work from carefully selected photographs, which often capture a close-up, personal moment of the subject in a strong light. This enables me to achieve an exceptional amount of detail in each of my pieces, drawing attention to the beauty and expression of each animal depicted, often portraying an intimate emotional encounter.


I choose to create my authentic portraits in coloured pencils, as they allow for accuracy and depth through an incredible control of detail. I enjoy the timely process of building up layers, to recreate fur textures, through every delicately placed pencil stroke. Bringing the subject to life on the paper, through intricate professional techniques and patience, is why my artwork is so well respected, due to the precision and the time I put into each, and every hand drawn original piece.


Magazine Feature as seen in the
International Artist Magazine

Issue 146


After studying art for many years and holding a Fine Art degree, I now share my knowledge and passion with others through online teaching platforms, like Patreon and YouTube, offering a range of tutorials and creative business guidance.

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